some of us do have other hobbies and one former section leader of the Diesel Heavy Haulage section used to work this narrow boat for a living with his brother in the 1970s.

'Bilster' is a 'Town' class built by Harland & Wolff in 1936. 



and why "Catflap"?

What else would you call a boat when you had five cats and three dogs?

Built by Warble in 1999; Engine Beta Marine '43'

historic boats

boats from Braunston's historic boat shows


Built by Yarwoods in 1934; 

Photographed at the Braunston vintage boat show close to where we once moored.

Stewart & Lloyds Tug.

One of three former Stewarts and Lloyds Tugs I know of on the cut.

From completely unreliable memory this is 'Tug No 3' (They all had numbers, not names).


Built by Yarwood in 1935

Engine: Bolinder 15hp (Again photographed in Braunston),