nb Catflap.

built 1999 59'6" all steel

Many people ask me why we called our boat "Catflap"? 

But what else would you call a boat that has three dogs in it?

The original dogs have now gone to the great Canal and Heavy Haulage arena in the sky but they have been succeeded by Toby seen here below left.

pictured centre are (l to r) Pandy, Gina, Fly.
somewhere on the Coventry canal in 2002

Boat Dogs

Kirsty, Pandy, Fly, Gina and now Toby.

This is Toby who is now our sole boat dog, He is successor to Gina who was the last surviving boat dog.  Kirsty was our original boat dog who was joined by Pandy and Fly just as Hazardous Kev was about to add "and Dog" to the space which he had neatly measured out (which hurriedly had to become "and Dogs") on the back panel of our first boat (also called Catflap).


we bypassed Braunston in 1996 while bringing our first boat down the Oxford canal after collecting her from the builder.  We were on a tight schedule with no time to go through the village but we eventually spent several years moored in Braunstom marina after we bought our second boat.

Being painted

Location: Birdoling Street nr11. Berlin-Alt Treptow, check the map link.
Designed for a familly of 3, for sale is a beautifully decorated, modern 2 bedroom and 3 bathroom corner condo with a great view from the 20th floor at the two Oranjada towers.

This condo has a large wrap around balcony as well as a smaller balcony connected to the master bedroom.


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