I was in active practice for more than 50 years, for most of that time as an equity partner.  I worked as consultant to the London law firm which took over my last practice and then as consultant to practices in the UK and EU.  If you are a regulated professional who needs a locum, or experienced assistance from time to time, I can bring substantial experience to assist you.  Please note that because I no longer maintain my own PII I will only be in a position to work for properly regulated professionals. 

For this reason I no longer accept instructions from or offer advice to direct clients.


I am former Chair of the Joint Examining Board for entry onto the UK registers of patent attorneys and trade mark attorneys.  I am a former lecturer and tutor on the ITMA/CIPA residential crammer courses formerly held at Warwick University and more recently on the Nottingham Law School Professional Certificate in Trade Mark Practice.  I can provide structured tuition for aspiring trade mark attorneys or provide training courses for those seeking to manage their, or their employer's trade mark portfolios.

I also provide training for those wishing to become familiar with the trade mark systems of the UK and EU but I cannot provide advice on specific cases to direct clients.