beer and mebo mechanics

or, The mebo mechanics and beer

 in the real ale tent

in the olden days when the internet was just beginning the Great Dorset Steam Fair had what was called a message board where users of the web site could leave short messages and ask for information ("Do I really need a rock hammer to get tent pegs into the ground at Tarrant Hinton?" and so on)*  

*based on a real question  



at least it's not raining

Anyway as time went by I coined the name "Mebo Mechanics" because most of us were mechanically minded and we had originally got together on a MEssage BOard (get it?).  Since posting messages on line can be thirsty work and since we wanted to meet up with people whom we had got to know on line, we started having Friday afternoon meets in the Real Ale Tent at GDSF, (uniforms were not compulsory, but useful if you want to recognise and be recognised). 

After a while GDSF decided not to maintain the message board side of things so we migrated to one of the freebie message boards that sprang up around the turn of the century (I just love saying that) and I developed an accompanying web site called "Of Diesels, Boats, Steam and Beer".  

with Dr Busker

If you have ever visited GDSF you should be aware that the Real Ale Tent would not be complete without Dr Busker, who  is pictured here on a site visit to friends and fans.   You can just see my right leg and pint pot to the right of the picture.


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